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Welcome to IARU R3 Conference 2021

          On behalf of RAST, we warmly welcome you to the IARU R3 Conference 2021 in Thailand on September 20-23, 2021. As we all realized that our world has been shaken by COVID-19 so much since 2020. The pandemic has forced us into a world only made possible through technology.

         This year’s conference is being run under exceptional circumstances. We started planning for the conference nearly 3 years ago. The expectation was to run this in Bangkok, Thailand. While we regret that the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from holding the conference in Bangkok, we are excited about the opportunities of holding an innovative virtual conference.

          As a conference host, we are going to be hosting a digital Conference, with a wide range of remote speakers and conversation. This conference will bring us together at what is a very difficult time for us all. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the first ever virtual conference of IARU R3 Conference

Dr. Jack Hantongkom HS1FVL

RAST President

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International Amateur Radio Union Region 3

Our Purpose

The prime purpose of the Conference is to allow and enable participation by the Member Societies in the management and governance of IARU Region 3 on a triennial basis.

Each Member Society should participate to decide future policies for our administrative, operational, technical and financial matters for the next 3 years. and election of Officers and Directors is also required.

Fellowship and understanding between Member Societies and the amateurs representing them at regional level is developed and fostered.

The Conference allows for reports from Member Societies on their activities, Working Groups to consider policy, operational and technical matters and committees established for finance and other matters.

A Conference Committee of the Host Society generally organises the venue and facilities, arranges the meals and catering and supports the Secretary and other officers of IARU Region 3. In most instances the venue will be a hotel, which will be responsible for the detailed arrangements and the actual work.

The Host Society will manage the Conference on behalf of IARU Region 3. At least one person should be nominated as a point of contact with the Secretary.

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