Welcome to the IARU Region 3 Conference 2021

     On behalf of RAST, we warmly welcome you to the IARU R3 Conference 2021 in Thailand on August 20-23, 2021. As we all realized that our world has been shaken by COVID-19 so much since 2020. The pandemic has forced us into a world only made possible through technology.

This year’s conference is being run under exceptional circumstances. We started planning for the conference nearly 3 years ago. The expectation was to run this in Bangkok, Thailand. While we regret that the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from holding the conference in Bangkok, we are excited about the opportunities of holding an innovative virtual conference.

As a conference host, we are going to be hosting a digital Conference, with a wide range of remote speakers and conversation. This conference will bring us together at what is a very difficult time for us all. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the first ever virtual conference of IARU R3 Conference

Dr. Jack Hantongkom HS1FVL
RAST President